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Admin 14/06/2022

Connection is crucial in communication

Are you communicating effectively with others? Have you ever felt that you talked a lot but could not convince others? For example, do you know a salesperson who speaks a lot about the products but fails to sell? Most of the time, ineffective communication is the failure to connect with others. Connection is crucial in communication. It's not just enough to work hard.
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Admin 11/05/2022

Three Steps To Become A Passionate Speaker

If you're one of those speakers who are serious about wanting to become a passionate speaker, then pay careful attention to this Passionate speaker step list. Have you got an opportunity to speak somewhere, and then you find it challenging to decide on the topic to speak? The biggest problem for many of us is finding a topic. When we choose a topic...
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Admin 10/03/2022

Four situations where connecting with others can help you achieve more!

Growth and progress is happiness. Hence everyone strives to achieve more to live a satisfying life. But, the road to progress or achieve more is not smooth. John C. Maxwell says that “there are no two good days in a leader's life.” It applies to achievers too. One cannot achieve more without courage, fight and help from them when they are connected with you.
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Admin 03/03/2022

How A Powerful Self-identity helps a Speaker

You must have heard that, “You are the product of your choices”. You become what you choose!. For example, if you choose to smoke, your identity is that you are a smoker. However, if you proactively identify yourself as a non-smoker, you decide not to smoke, else you will lose your identity. It's hard to lose your identity. Isn't it?
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