Three Steps To Become A Passionate Speaker

11-May-2022 || BY ADMIN

If you're one of those speakers who are serious about wanting to become a passionate speaker, then pay careful attention to this Passionate speaker step list.

Have you got an opportunity to speak somewhere, and then you find it challenging to decide on the topic to speak? The biggest problem for many of us is finding a topic. When we choose a topic, we don't see ourselves passionate about speaking on the topic. Unfortunately, it often happens to us.

Being passionate is critical to your success as a speaker or presenter. It happens when you choose a topic that you know and inspires you. Such topics are easy to prepare with little practice. As a result, you will look more confident, energetic and passionate in front of your audience. Let us see the three-step process to help you identify the topic to make you eager to prepare and speak.

Step 1 – Intelligence:

Intelligence is about how you think about something. For example, you think smoking is harmful to health. It shows what you think about smoking. Hence, if you choose to speak about smoking, you will be very comfortable informing your audience that smoking is harmful to health. If someone asks you to talk in favour of smoking, it would be hard for you to speak as your intelligence goes against what you say.

So, the first step to being passionate about your content is to align your content with your intelligence.

Step 2 – Emotion
Emotion is considered an essential aspect of speaking. Successful delivery of any speech or presentation largely relies on emotion. So, how you feel about your content matters. Let's imagine that you are sitting with a group. If they are discussing the economy and you are not interested in the subject, then your involvement in the discussion would be passive. But, when they change the topic to football, and you are highly passionate about that sport, you will suddenly get excited. You will involve in the chat with high energy.

It equally applies to speaking and engaging with the audience. If you feel that smoking is injurious to health and are inspired to take this message to others, your energy level will be high when you talk to your audience about smoking. How you feel is how you say.

Step 3 – Action
Action speaks louder than words. It's true. Also, for speakers, the action makes their words solid and confident. If someone has quit smoking and then talks to others, they must quit too. His words will matter to him and others. Isn't it?

Will you hire a fat coach to guide you in reducing your fat? But, if you know someone who has recently transformed his chubby body into a lean body, you will look for tips from him. In other words, if that person speaks about reducing fat, he will not only be passionate to talk, but you will also be keen to listen to him. The action and results of the speakers bring him closer to his audience. You may refer to it as credibility.

How can you apply this three-step process to become a passionate speaker? First, you should find a topic where you are knowledgeable, feel inspired, have already taken some action, and get the desired results. Then, you can speak with conviction, passion and energy that will help you appear credible in front of your audience.

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