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Leadership Game

Leadership Game Showcase (In Person)
Virtual Event (Online)
Virtual - Every Friday
Showcase - 1st October 2022
Virtual - 1:30 KSA
Showcase -

How To Connect And Communicate Like A Leader ?

(Without Spending Tons Of Time On Leadership Books And Courses)

Have you ever wondered:

  • How do I influence my boss to get promoted to a leadership role ?
  • How do I lead the team better?
  • How to develop my leadership skills?

If you want to become an influential leader or you want to develop a team who adds value to your organisation, this will be the most important activity for you or your team!

The Leadership Game is a comprehensive and engaging game based on the teachings of John C. Maxwell. This game helps organizations increase their effectiveness and improve their leadership awareness.

If you ever wanted to be an influential leader ?

then this is the most important training you'll attend all year!

In this Special Game, the participants are engaged in:

How To Help Your Peers to Win The Game

How To Lead
A Debate With Peers

How To Form An Opinion With Team And Then Present On Behalf Of Tem

Learn and apply the Leadership Skills to develop the leader within you

Leadership Game reveals exactly how to:

  • Become an influential leader
  • Develop a team who adds value to the organisation
  • Connect and Communicate like a leader
  • Influence boss with leadership skills
  • Motivate team to get desired results
  • Get more challenging tasks from the boss
  • Get better results from the team
  • Influence and motivate the team to work toward a common goal
  • Connect and communicate like a leader
  • Develop a winning team
  • Lead the team better

Don’t delay in preparing for leadership roles.

Indeed, surprise your boss, who thinks you are not ready for a leadership role!

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