Connection is crucial in communication

14-June-2022 || BY ADMIN

Are you communicating effectively with others? Have you ever felt that you talked a lot but could not convince others? For example, do you know a salesperson who speaks a lot about the products but fails to sell?

Most of the time, ineffective communication is the failure to connect with others.

Connection is crucial in communication.

It's not just enough to work hard. It's not just enough to do a great job. To succeed, we must learn how to communicate with others ~ John C. Maxwell.

We all understand this. But, we fail to realize that communication fails if we don't connect with others.

We emphasize more talking in communication. It's because we think the person who can speak better communicates better.

That's not true.

George Bernard Shaw once said, The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

So, how to improve on this? First, attempt to connect in every communication that is crucial to you.


We can talk to a hundred people and impress them. But, we still can fail to influence them. But, if we can connect with one of them, we can always communicate effectively.

For example, if you are a movie star fan and you are connected with him, then you will follow almost everything the movie star does. If the movie star joins a smoking campaign and asks not to smoke as it's injurious, you will try to follow him. Why? Because you are connected to him.

Connecting with one is better than impressing hundreds with your talk.

So, how to connect? It's a process which takes time to master. But, let's talk few action points that anyone can implement. First, you must genuinely desire to connect when communicating with someone. Then, you may follow some tested steps:

  • Listen to the people to understand them. The most significant gift we can give to someone is our attention. So, it would help if you do it with all sincerity.
  • Listen to others for as long as you need to understand what he needs from you.
  • Help them out once you are clear about what they need.

Connecting is the ability to identify with people and relate to them in a way that increases your influence with them ~ John C. Maxwell. And connection is crucial for communication.

So, connect and communicate effectively to succeed consistently.

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