Introducing "Public Speaking Course for Accounting Professionals"

I want to be a Public Speaker in just 8 weeks

" Improve your public speaking with an 8-week course designed for accountants. Learn how to deliver powerful speeches and captivate any audience"

Are You One Of The Following ?

You are qualified accounting professional but lack of confidence in public speaking hinders progress towards C-Level. You feel anxious before every speaking engagement and struggle with self-doubt. It's holding you back from achieving career growth. You want to be seen as a great presenter, not just a numbers person but you struggle with public speaking and don't know how to improve.

To make things even worse…

You are yet to find a public speaking course to help you


Introducing "Public speaking for accounting professionals"

Our Eight Week Program will cover

 ● Understand the qualities of a credible speaker
 ● Learn the techniques to become a credible speaker
 ● Steps to become trustworthy for an Audience
 ● How to establish credibility in the workplace

 ● How to find the content to present with confidence
 ● Learn nine steps to prepare a keynote speech
 ● Daily habits that help the speaker stand out
 ● Secret to becoming visible and credible in the workplace

 ● How to prepare and practice like a professional speaker
 ● Learn a practice model that professional speakers follow
 ● Four techniques to help prepare a memorable speech
 ● Tips to prepare and practice a sleek like a professional

 ● Why it's essential to connect with an audience
 ● Understand the secret to connect with an audience
 ● Best practices to connect with an audience
 ● Proven roadmap to becoming a Charismatic speaker

 ● Reality of fear in public speaking
 ● How to be confident in taking speaking assignments
 ● Four techniques to create curiosity in the audience
 ● Change perspective to find the speaking within you

 ● Process to convert an idea into a powerful presentation
 ● Tips to shorten a speech without losing the message
 ● How to deliver a persuasive speech and inspire the audience
 ● Framework for planning, delivering a speech

 ● Use of body language to emphasize and enhance the speech
 ● Strategies to create a memorable picture in the audience's
 ● Master the use of props to make the speech effective

 ● Understand the reasons why the story works
 ● How to find a story that connects with the audience
 ● How to deliver a captivating story
 ● Tell a story to give memorable experience to audience

"In eight weeks, learn how to engage and connect with your audience as an
accounting professional and unlock your inner public speaker."

Now, that's a tall promise, and at this point you might be asking...

Who Is Aabid Nezam And Why Should I Listen To Him ?

I can assist Accounting professionals in becoming skilled keynote and public speakers. With my experience as a Finance Professional and Toastmasters member, I have developed an eight-week program that seamlessly incorporates the Maxwell Method of Speaking. This program meets the growing need for a public speaking course tailored to accounting professionals.

As a Chartered Accountant who has worked with Senior Management Teams, I know how frustrating it can be to be labelled as mere "bean counters" and "number crunchers". To overcome this, I honed my public speaking and leadership skills, which allowed me to progress from managing accounting teams to leading businesses.

I now proudly introduce the Eight Week Public Speaking Course, specifically for accounting professionals. This course shall be a game-changer for my fellow finance industry colleagues and will undoubtedly benefit them immensely.

But don't just take my word for it...

Take A Look At This

Transform from Accounting Professional to Expert Keynote Speaker: Learn How to Communicate and Engage Your Audience!

Let me take you by the hand and make it easy for you to…

  • Gain Confidence And Become A Compelling Speaker With Coaching

  • Utilize Proven Techniques To Overcome Anxiety Before And During Public Speaking

  • Master The Art Of Engaging Your Audience During Your Speech

  • Learn How To Create A Memorable Message To Captivate Your Audience

  • Proven Techniques

  • Deliver Polished And Engaging Speeches That Wow Your Audience

  • Building Confidence

YES! I want to be a Public Speaker!